How to Install a TT Soft Top

by Joshua Bailey
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The Audi TT is a luxury sports car that competes with BMW, Mercedes and Porsche equivalent models. The Audi TT comes with either a hard or soft top that can be installed manually or through the Audi TT's power control system in the cockpit. Either way you install the soft top, the Audi TT offers the ability to switch from driving in a convertible to an enclosed sports coupe in only a matter of minutes.

Manual Soft Top Operation

Step 1

Turn your Audi TT's engine off if your soft top is only manually installable.

Step 2

Push in the soft top release storage buttons on either side of the vehicle. Pull the soft top up and release its front strap.

Step 3

Lift the entire soft top out of the storage container and fit it over the vehicle's cockpit until it connects to the windshield frame.

Step 4

Go inside the Audi TT, press the large button on the ceiling and grab the soft top handle. Turn the handle counterclockwise and pull down on the soft top. Turn the handle clockwise while holding the soft top to the windshield frame.

Power Controlled Soft Top Operation

Step 1

Turn your Audi TT's engine on and pull up on the emergency brake to engage it.

Step 2

Push the soft top control button next to the emergency brake and hold it in. The soft top will emerge from the storage well in the rear of the vehicle.

Step 3

Release the button when the soft top is no longer moving forward. Press the large button on the ceiling and twist the soft top handle counterclockwise. Pull the soft top down and toward the windshield frame and twist the handle clockwise to lock it in.

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