How to Remove the Top on Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles was a compact sport utility Vehicles that was designed on the Vehicles Ranger platform. There were also some special editions, such as the Eddie Bauer model. This Vehicles is no longer made, but there are still many around today. The top on a Vehicles can be removed so it's completely open. You can perform this task with a few simple instructions, some basic do-it-yourself skills and a couple of handy tools.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove the Top on the 2006 Jeep Wrangler

Soft Top Removal

Unzip the side and rear windows and remove.

Pull off the back bar and remove it. Pull down on the lower back corners of the convertible top and unsnap it from the frame.

Unsnap the front corner of the soft top and pry open the side connections by hand.

Slide the upper frame out of the bracket and unsnap the remaining fasteners.

Unsnap the interior tab to unhook the top from the windshield. Pull back the soft top about two inches.

Disengage the hinge on the soft top and remove the bolts locking in the top's frame with a screwdriver.

Release the tension by pulling down on the spreader bar.

Remove the soft top from the drip rails and retainer along the upper side of the windshield frame. Fold the soft top back to the front support bow.

Slide the drip rail lock forward and pull it off of the lock pin on the windshield frame. Slide the whole assembly to the rear so that the bottom of the rear support bow moves forward and folds under the bows and drip rails.

Slide the front support bow out of the side rail. Remove the convertible top assembly from the vehicle.

Hard Top Removal

Unlatch the hooks connecting the hard top to the windshield and slide the hooks out of the slots.

Loosen the bolts connecting the hard top to the Jeep's body with a socket wrench. Remove the bolts and washers.

Lift the hard top off of the Jeep's body, perhaps with the help of an assistant. Ensure that the foam molding between the hard top and the Jeep's body is not damaged during the removal.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Socket wrench

  • Jeep hard top

 How to Remove the Top on a Bronco II

Unscrew the side trim pieces running along the top of the roof on the interior of the car. Remove the plastic tabs holding the rear trim pieces in place. Pull off the rear trim pieces. Grip them and pull inward to release them from the nylon.

Remove the bolts that hold the shell on along the sides on the inside of the vehicle. Loosen them with a T-40 Torx bit. Pull the plug assembly away from the frame located under the driver's side rear trim panel. Wiggle it up and down to remove it. Pull the plug out by hand.

Take off the seat belt anchor with a T-60 Torx bit. Twist the bolt holding the seat belt anchor in place and remove the seat belt anchor from the top of the car.

Push up slightly on the roof shell and push it back so the pins holding it in place are free of the body of the vehicle. Slide the shell to the back of the body of the Bronco. Slide it off and have one person holding the shell on each side to remove it from the body. Set it aside.

Push in the mounting nut keepers that were holding the shell in place with a small flat head screwdriver. Pull the weatherstripping off the top of the Bronco.

Items you will need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • T-40 Torx bit

  • T-60 Torx bit

 How to Remove the Top on a Geo Tracker

Remove Geo Tracker Rear Windshield

Get inside the Geo Tracker.

Peel the Velcro holder off of the sides of the rear windshield.

Unzip the rear windshield from the canvas.

Pull the rear windshield out of the soft topper.

Remove Geo Tracker Top

Open the doors on the Geo Tracker. Flip down the sun visors. Push down the retractable radio antenna.

Unsnap the four snap straps located above the front windshield. Grab the canvas just above a side door window and pull out and up on the canvas. Repeat above the other door window.

Unlatch the canvas latches just above each sun visor. Pull down the Velcro cover around the perimeter of the topper to reveal the tension strap snaps. Unsnap all the tension snap straps.

Lift the canvas topper off of the Geo Tracker with an assistant.

Unhook the front and rear topper struts by lifting up and pulling toward the Geo. Push the struts down and lock them into place on the clamps around the frame of the Geo Tracker.

Items you will need

  • Assitant

 How to Remove the Top of a Chevy Malibu Gear Shift

Wrap a couple of layers of masking tape around the end of a flat-head screwdriver. Locate the five retaining clips that secure the shifter boot to the center console. There are two retainers on each side -- one toward the front of the assembly and on toward the rear. There is also one on the rear edge of the assembly, near the driver-side corner of the boot.

Slide the flat-head screwdriver between the boot and the center console at one of the retainers. Gently pry away from the boot to disengage the clip, and lift the boot assembly slightly. Repeat this for the remaining four clips.

Roll the shifter boot up enough to access the wiring connector for the shift knob, then disconnect it. Lift the boot and shifter knob away from the center console. Hold the upper base of the shifter boot, then pull up and turn the shifter handle counterclockwise to remove it.

Guide the wiring harness through the upper base of the shifter boot. Push the shifter knob onto the upper base and turn clockwise to secure it. Connect the wiring harness, then press fit the assembly into the center console.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Masking tape

 How to Remove the Top on a Mercedes 560SI

Lay a blanket down in the area where the hardtop will be stored. Put the other blanket nearby.

Open both doors on the 560SL. Find the latches in each of the four corners of the hardtop where it meets the body of the car. The latches are set into the top of the sides of the body and are flush to the surface when in the closed position. They look similar to hard, plastic, rounded rectangular plugs.

Open all four hardtop latches by fitting the tip of an index finger in the groove molded into the end of each latch and pulling up to release.

Pull up the seat back-release lever on the driver's seat, and push the seat back down toward the steering wheel.

Reach behind the driver's seat, and turn the crank handle of the rear latch counterclockwise until the latch releases. The rear of the hardtop will pop up away from the car body slightly when the rear latch releases.

Stand on one side of the vehicle, and have a helper stand on the other side. Lift the hardtop up off the body of the car. Walk toward the rear of the Mercedes together, carrying the hardtop. Once the hardtop is no longer over the car, carry it together to where the blanket is laid down and place it on the blanket.

Place the additional blanket over the hardtop to protect it while in storage.

Items you will need

  • 2 blankets

  • Helper

  • Dolly (if desired)

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