How to Remove the Back Seat on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring

by Richard Rowe

The 1980s Chrysler LeBaron wasn't an amazing car by most standards. While reasonably good looking and sporty, it was pretty standard K-Car in all respects but one. The LeBaron is credited by many as the car that saved the convertible top in America -- it was not just the best-selling convertible in the United States, but at one point it was the only convertible sold here. The Sebring picked up where the LeBaron left off, bringing folding-top fun to the masses with a family friendly price tag. The Sebring's hydraulic folding top pump is behind the rear seat, and bound to go out sooner or later. It's not cheap, but at least it's pretty easy to get to.

Step 1

Put the convertible top down if you have one and it functions well enough to retract. Fold the front seats forward and slide them all the way to the front.

Step 2

Put your hands on the front-center of the seat cushion, where the passenger would sit on either the left or right side of the car. Push back hard on the cushion, and lift the front of the seat cushion up. Remove it from the car, and repeat on the other side.

Step 3

Look toward the bottom-center of the seat back, and identify the nuts that hold the seat back to the studs on the body. Remove them. Pull the bottom of the seat toward you far enough so that the mounts on the seat clear the studs.

Step 4

Push up on the seat back to disengage its locking hooks from the body, and remove the seat back. You now have access to the convertible top hydraulic pump and mechanism.

Step 5

To install, lower the seat back into position, aligning the center hook first. Push it downward until the mount holes line up with the studs. Push them down over the studs, install the nuts and tighten them to 29 foot-pounds with a torque wrench. Lower the seat cushions in place, and pull forward from the back to lock them in.

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