BMW Convertible Top Won't Close

by Taylor DiVico
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BMW convertible cars offer manual and automatic options for closing the convertible top. BMW convertible tops include an array of moving parts and a motor, which can fail as a result of issues such as part failure or disconnected wires. Owners benefit from learning how to manually close the top in order to secure the vehicle and protect against weather elements. This do-it-yourself task allows owners a solution to faulty convertible top problems without dealership services and expenses.

Closing The Top Manually

Step 1

Remove passengers from the car. Open your driver's side door. Fold the driver's seat forward for access to the back seat. Move to the outside of the back seat area.

Step 2

Locate the convertible top storage lid behind the back seat head rests. Insert your Allen wrench into the recess behind the center cushion of the back seat. Turn your Allen wrench clockwise to manually open the back lid where the top is stored.

Step 3

Reach into the opened compartment and lift up on the convertible frame. Pull it forward towards the front of the vehicle until you feel resistance and it will no longer go forward. The convertible top should be halfway closed and the rear frame of the top should be vertical with the car.

Step 4

Press down on the convertible top storage lid to close it all the way.

Step 5

Locate the plastic cover panel in the center-front of the convertible top. Pry off the plastic piece with your flat-head screwdriver to find the recess. Insert your Allen wrench into the recess and turn it clockwise until the convertible top reaches the front windshield.

Step 6

Roll up your windows so that the convertible top and the windows fit tightly. Turn on your car to allow the system to automatically seal the rear frame against the windows and front windshield.

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