How To Remove a Ford Ranger Shifter

by Richard Ristow

The Ford Ranger's gear shifter can often be in the way. If you need to work on the transaxle, or some of the manual transmission's components, the shifter will have to be removed. As a DIY mechanic, you should always be careful and exercise caution whenever working on transmission issues. But removing the shifter is not as complicated as other transmission jobs, and all you will need are some basic tools to do the job.

Step 1

Park the Ranger on a level surface. Place chocks in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires. Engage the emergency brake and shift the Ranger into neutral.

Step 2

Peel back the carpet around the rubber shifter boot. This will reveal the shifter boot's retaining bolts. Remove those with a socket wrench. Since you are removing the whole shifter, you do not need to remove the shift boot or the knob atop the lever.

Step 3

Lift up the shift boot. Locate and remove the bolt holding the shifter to the Ranger's transmission.

Step 4

Pull the whole shifter assembly up and off the transmission.

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