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How to Replace a Clutch in a Mustang

by Maggie O'Leary

Replacing the clutch in a Mustang takes about three hours to accomplish. Your Mustang's clutch should be replaced every 75,000 miles, or sooner if it shows more wear or fails. A new clutch will cost around $100 to $200, depending upon which branch you purchase.

Remove the Old Clutch

Remove the exterior parts, including the console and the shifter itself. Also remove the exhaust H-pipe.

Remove interior parts. This includes the starter, which is attached to the transmission bell-housing. Disconnect the clutch cable and the drive-shaft.

Remove the transmission. Undo the transmission cross-member and bolts, which will allow the transmission to come out of the Mustang.

Remove the bell-housing and pressure plate, and remove the worn clutch disk.

Inspect the clutch flywheel for damage, and replace if necessary.

Install the New Clutch

Install a new clutch disk and pressure plate, using a clutch alignment tool, which can be found at any local auto parts store or Ford dealership.

Replace the bell-housing, and put the transmission back into your Mustang. Reconnect the cross-member and all related bolts.

Reconnect all interior parts, including the starter, clutch cable and drive-shaft.

Reconnect the exhaust H-Pipe, reinstall the shifter and replace the console.

Drive your Mustang slowly in a controlled environment to make sure the new clutch is installed properly.

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