How to Replace the Seatbelts on a Toyota Corolla

by Cassandra Tribe

Seatbelts are one of a car's most integral safety features. If your seatbelt has become old and frayed, or if the buckle has ceased to work, you are placing yourself at an increased risk for serious injury in an accident. Fortunately, you can replace the seatbelts on a Toyota Corolla, or any other car, quickly and easily. Replacement seatbelts are available at any auto store or you can order custom seatbelts for your Toyota Corolla online.

Step 1

Follow the harness side of your seatbelt (this is the side you pull across your shoulder and lap to connect to the anchor side) to the points where it connects to the car frame.

Step 2

Using a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, unscrew and pry off any plastic housing that is covering the bolt connections. Select a socket that will fit the bolt and attach the wrench to the bolt.

Step 3

Feel underneath the car for the other end of the seatbelt bolt. Fit a box wrench to the nut and hold it still while unscrewing the bolt with the socket wrench inside the car.

Step 4

Unbolt the shoulder attachment of the harness with a socket wrench. Remove the harness side seatbelt from your Toyota Corolla.

Step 5

Install the new harness side seatbelt by reversing the removal steps, however, make sure to use the new hardware provided with your replacement belt.

Step 6

Feel down at the bottom of the anchor side of your old seatbelt. There will be one bolt and nut attaching it to the bottom of the car. Remove the bolt using a socket and box wrench.

Install the replacement anchor side. Before you tighten the bolt, connect the seatbelt and make sure that you have the anchor side facing the correct direction to receive the harness. When it is right, tighten the bolt.


  • Often a seatbelt will only need the harness side replaced as the buckle on it will have worn out or jammed, or it will have ceased to retract into place when worn.


  • In most states not only are all vehicles required to have seatbelts, but any replacement belt must match the original one that the car came with. If your Toyota Corolla originally had a three-point seat belt (shoulder and lap) then you should not replace it with just a lap belt.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Socket set
  • Box wrench
  • Replacement seat belt

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