How to Replace a Seatbelt in a Subaru Legacy

by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Seatbelts are important safety features in your car, and an old or worn out seatbelt in your Subaru Legacy can be dangerous. The cost of a new seatbelt is more than worth the risk you take if you get into an accident with a non-working seatbelt. Replacing the seatbelt can be done easily with a few simple tools by following this procedure.

Remove the bolts that hold the seat in place and take out the seat.

Pop out the interior panels near the bottom of the seatbelt mechanism.

Remove the bolts that hold the seatbelt mounted to the side of the car. There should be three.

Pull the seatbelt out and replace with a new Subaru seatbelt exactly the same way you removed the old one. The Subaru Legacy requires a three-point retractable belt. Make sure you get the correct one for your vehicle's year.

Check that your seatbelt is installed correctly by giving it a few hard tugs. Do not test it on the road.

Put the panels back on and replace the seat.


  • check A worn out seatbelt needs replacing, but one that does not lock may not. Stuff sometimes falls into the locking mechanism of a seatbelt. Poking around in there with a pen or your finger may dislodge junk that is interfering with your seatbelt's operation.

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