How to Remove the Headrests From the Rear Seat in a Suburban

by David Cavalier
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Removing the rear seat headrests on a Chevy Suburban is easy, once you know what to do. This task can be performed by almost anyone. There are a number of reasons to remove the headrest from the Chevy Suburban, whether for replacement, upgrading to a headrest with video components or for transporting cargo, you can safely remove the headrests without damaging them for future use. The removal of the headrests on all model years of the Suburban is very similar.

Step 1

Sit in the back seat of the Chevy Suburban, facing the rear of the vehicle. Place both hands on the headrest and pull upward. Depending on the year and model of the Chevy Suburban, there may be a button on the base of the headrest where in enters into the body of the rear seat. If your Suburban has this button, slide the button backward and then pull upward on the headrest. If your model does not have this button, then pull up on the headrest.

Step 2

Pull upward on the headrest until it will not move any farther up. There will be a small hole on the front of the headrest where it fits into the seat, located on the same part that has the button you just released. The hole will be located in the front of the headrest.

Step 3

Insert the metal pin or eyeglass screwdriver into the hole on the base of the seat where the headrest is joined to the body of the seat. Release the mechanism holding the headrest onto the rear seat of the Chevy Suburban. Pull up on the headrest while the screwdriver or metal pin is holding the mechanism back, allowing the headrest to be removed from the back-seat base.

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