How to Remove a Mercedes Headrest

by Jennifer Habersham

If you would like to put covers on your Mercedes seat or need to do some deep cleaning, chances are you are going to have to remove the headrest. Removing the headrest in a Mercedes Benz is an easy process, just a matter of hitting the right button really. The difficult part is locating that button.

Release Button Located on the Seat

Step 1

Locate the headrest release button. It is located directly below the headrest on top of the seat itself.

Step 2

Press the button (or buttons), and push toward the metal bars that the headrest sits on.

Lift the headrest up while holding down the button.

Release Button Located Underneath the Seat

Step 1

Locate the button on the underside of the seat. A flashlight will help as it will be quite dark under your seats. The button is located underneath the seat where the upholstery ends.

Step 2

Push in the button. This will release the latch that holds the headrest in place.

Pull on the headrest until it slides off the metal poles.

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