How to Remove a Headrest in a Mercedes Benz

by Robert Ceville

Installing seat covers on your Mercedes Benz seats or performing in-depth cleaning of your vehicle may require you to remove the vehicle's headrests. You can remove the headrests in under two minutes by two methods: pushing the headrest release button located on the back of the seat or pushing the pulling the headrest up and out of its position.

Step 1

Sit in the back seat of the vehicle, facing the front seat, and press the electric switch on the front seat to raise the headrest to its highest setting. Set the front seat in a completely upright position.

Step 2

Push the headrest release button, located under the upholstery on the back of the front seat about 11 inches below the left headrest pole. If you do not feel a release button, skip to Step 4. Some newer models do not feature a headrest release button and require a different method of removal.

Step 3

Push the headrest release button and slowly pull the headrest out of place until it is removed.

Step 4

Enter the front seat, facing the seat-back.

Step 5

Place both hands on the two headrest bars. Move them back and forth as you pull them up, which will release the headrest latch. Remove the headrest from the seat.

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