How to Change a 1999 Buick Regal's Rear View Mirror

by Zyon Silket

Over time, the silver backing that lets the rear view mirror on your 1999 Buick Regal reflect images can start to fade or peel. This can cause your Regal to fail inspection. The 1999 Regal LS has a standard rear view mirror, while the mirror in the Regal GS contains an electronic harness used to connect the mirror’s temperature/compass readout to the vehicle’s computer.

Step 1

Disconnect the wiring harness located behind the rear view mirror (for the Buick Regal GS only). The harness has a small tab on it. Pull upward on the tab to unlock the two pieces of the harness, and pull on both ends to separate the harness.

Step 2

Remove the star bolt located at the base of the rear view where the mirror is secured to the windshield.

Step 3

Push upward on the rear view mirror to lift it off the mirror button that is glued to the windshield.

Step 4

Slide the replacement rear view mirror onto the mirror button.

Step 5

Secure the mirror to the button by replacing the star bolt into the base of the rear view mirror.

Step 6

Reconnect the wiring harness by pressing the two ends of the wiring harness together (for the Regal GS only).

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