How to Remove a Ford Five Hundred Rear Seat

by Allen Moore

The Ford Five Hundred is a four-door sedan and the predecessor to the fifth-generation Ford Taurus. The rear seat in a Five Hundred is a bench-style seat with independent fold-down seat backs that allow trunk access from the passenger compartment. If you fold down one or both seat backs, cargo storage capability can be greatly increased. Depending on your needs, the modular design of the rear seat allows you to remove all or just part of the seat assembly.


Climb into the back of the Five Hundred, facing the rear of the vehicle, and slip your fingers under the lower front edge of the rear seat bottom. Once you have a solid grip, tug upward until the seat bottom pulls free. This may require several solid tugs to free the seat from the clips that hold it in place.


Pull the seat bottom out of the Five Hundred through the rear door opening and set it to the side, where it will not get dirty or damaged.


Use the box wrench set to unbolt the seat backs from the floor. The bolts are located on either side of the seat back bottom hinge. Remove the bolts with the box wrench.


Pull the seat backs out by hand and set them aside.


Reinstall them by reversing the removal procedure.

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