How to Remove an Escort's Bumper

by Carl Pruit

The rear bumper of the Ford Escort is attached with a series of bolts and screws located in the rear fender wells, inside the luggage compartment and underneath the back of the vehicle. You may need to remove the bumper because of damage or because you want to replace the bumper with a different style that fits your needs, such as a tow bar or bumper hitch.

Unfasten the five screws on the inside lip of both rear fender wells in the back that are securing the rear bumper of the Escort, using a screwdriver. The rear fender well is the void area where the rear tire sits, on the back side of the car.

Open the rear hatch and unfasten the plastic pushpins that attach the luggage compartment rear cover to the vehicle frame by prying them off with a screwdriver. Remove the rear cover from the luggage compartment by hand. The luggage compartment of the Ford Escort is that area behind the rear seats that is used for storage instead of a trunk.

Locate the three bolts on both sides of the inside back panel of the luggage compartment that secure the rear bumper to the vehicle frame. Unfasten the nuts on the bolts with a socket wrench.

Unfasten the two nuts -- one on each side of the bumper -- underneath the rear of the vehicle that secure the rear bumper to the frame, using a socket wrench.

Lift the rear bumper off the frame and remove it from the Escort.

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