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How to Remove a Car Spoiler

by Robert Good

A spoiler on a car is the fin that is mounted to the rear of the car commonly on the trunk. It is mounted to the rear of the car by 2 or 4 metal securing bolts and a number of rubber O rings and washers. Spoilers create a down force on the rear of the car while driving fast causing the rear tires to have more traction. Removing a spoiler from a car is a simple job that won't take much knowledge of the car, but removing the spoiler will leave 2 or 4 holes on the right and left side of the rear of the car.

Step 1

Park the car on flat ground in a well lit area. Open the trunk of the car and locate the metal securing bolts on the underside of the trunk.

Step 2

Using the ratchet set, remove the securing nuts from all of the metal securing bolts. Pull the securing nuts, washers and O rings off of the securing bolts.

Lift up on the right and left side of the spoiler to remove it from the trunk. Close the trunk of the car.

Items you will need

  • Ratchet set

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