How to Remove the Dash Board From a Chevrolet Avalanche

by Katebo

The dashboard on a Chevy Avalanche can be removed from home. You just need a few basic tools that you can buy at any hardware store. You may wish to remove the dashboard to replace it if it has cracked due to aging. Or perhaps you need to gain access to the wiring underneath. In any case, it can be done, but be careful not to ruin any of the interior upholstery in the process.

Step 1

Park the Avalanche on flat ground, and set the parking brake. Pop up the hood, and remove the negative ("-") battery cable by loosening the retaining bolt with pliers. Take care not to touch any metal with the cable clamp.

Step 2

Open the fuse panel box on the dashboard, and remove the SIR fuse with the fuse pullers to disengage the airbag system. The fuse pullers can be found inside the fuse panel. Wait about 30 minutes.

Step 3

Remove the vents by twisting counterclockwise, and pulling them out.

Step 4

Find two screws below the hood release knob and unscrew them with the Phillips screwdriver. This will allow you to remove the steering wheel panel.

Step 5

Remove the instrument panel mounting bolts with the socket wrench. Pull the instrument panel toward you, and unplug the wire harness. Remove the bolts that hold the bracket in place underneath the steering wheel with a socket wrench.

Step 6

Open the glove box door, and depress the panels to remove the door. Remove the three bolts inside the glove box with the socket wrench set, and then pull out the glove box.

Step 7

Remove the four bolts on the passenger's airbag. Make sure your face and body are not in front of the airbag as you do this in case it accidentally deploys. Slide out the airbag, and unplug the electrical wires.

Step 8

Remove the remaining bolts with the socket wrench. There is one on the passenger's side kick panel and one to the left of the glove box. Remove three bolts on the center of the dash and two bolts holding the CD player in place. Unplug the wires attached to the CD player, then remove the CD player.

Step 9

Pull out the A/C controls.

Step 10

Lift up on the driver's side dash while your helper lifts up on the passenger's side dash at the same time. Unplug all remaining electrical connectors.

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