How to Take Apart a 1998 Chevy Dash

by Rita Wood
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The dash on a 1998 Chevy is easy to remove and is held in place by screws and bolts. The only tools you need to remove the dash are a wrench and screwdriver. The dash holds many different components such as radio and gauges and is covered by one plastic piece. The process is time consuming due to the number of bolts, but the job is straightforward.

Step 1

Open the driver's side door and use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the dash panel next to the steering wheel. Remove the dash panel underneath the glove compartment.

Step 2

Remove the bolts below each panel using the socket wrench and put them aside.

Step 3

Remove the center panel and remove the two bolts underneath the panel using the socket wrench.

Step 4

Open the glove box, remove the three bolts in the back and pull it out.

Step 5

Use the wrench to remove two bolts above the instrument panel and four bolts underneath it. Remove two bolts behind the glove box.

Step 6

Remove the dashboard, prying it out with a screwdriver. You may find snap clips around the dash. If so, you will need to unclip these to completely remove the dash. You do not need any tools to unclip the clips. Carefully remove the dash from the vehicle.

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