How to Remove the Radio From a Mercedes Sprinter

by Russell Wood

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is hugely popular in Europe, as it's a narrow van with lots of headroom, capable of carrying a large load. These vans are designed for utility, not for sound quality, so the stock stereo doesn't have many special features. If you want to replace the stock stereo with something better, removing the stock deck first is not difficult.

Step 1

Place the panel removal tool in the seam between the top of the dashboard and the radio, and pry the tool back to pop the bezel off the dashboard. Once there is a gap between the bezel and the dashboard, pull the rest of the bezel off the dash with your hands to remove the clips. Set the bezel out of the immediate work area.

Step 2

Locate the four screws holding the stereo to the dashboard, the two at the top of the stereo, and the two in the lower corners.

Step 3

Hold the deck by the sides and lift it out of the dashboard. Reach around to the backside of the stereo and unplug the connections using your hands.

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