How to Replace a Battery on a Chevy Trailblazer

by Oliver George
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Like any car, the Chevy Trailblazer requires a functioning battery to run. The battery is responsible for powering parts such as the lights, radio and ignition. Without a working battery, the engine will produce a clicking sound when the ignition is turned and will not power up. If your battery requires replacing, this is an easy task that can be done by almost any car owner. Replacement batteries are widely available from garages and auto parts stores.

Step 1

Park your car on flat ground and put it in the appropriate gear to prevent it rolling. Leave the engine to cool.

Step 2

Pop the hood and remove the strap holding the battery in place. In a Trailblazer, the battery can be found on the driver's side of the engine.

Step 3

Remove the black negative cable and then the red positive cable from the battery using the wrench. Once disconnected, remove the battery from the engine.

Step 4

Remove debris from the battery tray and clean thoroughly with a rag and brush.

Step 5

Insert the replacement battery into the tray. Reconnect the cables, connecting the positive first and then the negative. Tighten to ensure they are connected properly.

Step 6

Fasten the strap to keep the new battery in place.

Step 7

Turn on the ignition to check that everything is working and, if so, close the hood.

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