How to Straighten a Bent Metal Bumper

by Guy Gardner
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A bent or dented metal bumper ruins the appearance of your car. Unlike scuff marks, scratches and paint chips, a bent bumper requires greater care and effort to repair. Taking your car to the mechanic often results in a very expensive repair; you might be able to repair the bent bumper yourself, saving the ost of having iit professionally repaired.

Step 1

Secure the bent bumper in a padded vice. Slowly tighten the vice until the bumper is immobile.

Step 2

Place a block of wood over the bent area. Hammer the wood until the bend falls back into place.

Step 3

Place a dolly on the outside of the bumper over the dents you would like to hammer out. Hammer lightly on the inside of the bumper until the dent is flattened as much as possible.

Step 4

Wipe away any dust from the wood after bending the bumper back in place. Wash the bumper with a cloth and water. Polish the chrome using chrome polish and a cloth.

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