How to Locate a Boat Trailers VIN Number

by Neal Litherland
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A vehicle identification number (VIN) has 17 characters and is unique to a particular vehicle. Cars have them, as do boats and motorcycles. Boat trailers also have VINs so they can be tracked. Identifying a VIN is done during an inspection, so it's important that you know where the VIN is located on your boat trailer.

Step 1

Put your boat trailer in a brightly lit place, such as a driveway on a sunny day or a garage with powerful lights. Use a flashlight to look for the VIN if necessary, since it may be located in a inconspicuous spot.

Step 2

Search your trailer for the VIN. A metal plate with the VIN may be attached to the frame, or a sticker with the VIN may be placed in another spot, such as near the back bumper.

Step 3

Make a note of where the VIN is once you've found it. If it's in an inconspicuous place, such as under the bumper or on the bottom part of the frame, you may want to move it.

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