How Can I Check the Title to a Travel Trailer?

by Johnny Afterclass
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Before purchasing any type of vehicle, it's crucial to verify that the person selling it has the right to do so. This applies to the purchase of a travel trailer as well. The process of checking a title is relatively easy and shouldn't take much time once you have contacted a certified VIN inspector. It can keep you from purchasing a vehicle that has been stolen or that is being sold by someone it doesn't belong to.

Step 1

Examine the travel trailer you're interested in for a Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. The VIN is like a fingerprint for a vehicle. It should match the VIN listed on the title. The VIN is printed on a metal plate and in the case of a travel travel is placed near the front of the trailer on the tongue, on the front of the frame or on the side of the trailer. If no VIN is present then a title search cannot be made.

Step 2

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine whether you must schedule an appointment for an inspection. In some states you can have an inspection done without an appointment, so it's wise to call your local DMV or check your state's DMV website.

Step 3

Take the trailer in question to the Department of Motor Vehicles so that the inspector can compare the VIN on the title to the one printed on the vehicle's VIN plate. The two should match exactly. The inspection is typically done by a DMV employee specializing in VIN inspections or a county official, such as a law enforcement officer.

Step 4

Once the VIN and vehicle title have been compared and verified, the official will complete and sign a title verification form provided by the DMV. A nominal fee is charged for the inspection. It's typically less than $10 but varies from state to state.

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