How to Get Tags on a Camper With No Title

by Vera Leigh
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If you have a camper that does not have a vehicle title or any tags and you are driving the camper, you could get into major trouble with your local law enforcement agency if you are caught. Purchase tags and a title by visiting your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Each DMV has its own specific requirements for purchasing tags and titles, so make sure to check this information on the official DMV page for your state before going to the local office.

Step 1

Gather the appropriate proof of identification and documents for your camper. Many DMV offices require you to bring proof that you own the camper, issued from the dealership or previous owner of the camper, as well as a valid driver's license in the state where you live. You also will need proof of insurance, proof that the camper has passed an emission's test in your state, and your proof of residency, among other documents. Check your local DMV website for this specific information before traveling to the DMV.

Step 2

Visit your local DMV office, and ask an employee for the title and tags application form.

Step 3

Present the proper documents and identification to the DMV staffer.

Step 4

Pay the fees for tags and title. You will be issued the tags immediately. Your title may be mailed to you in the coming week.

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