The Best Rated Portable Auto Battery Chargers

by Lauren Treadwell

A number of factors can contribute to the death of a car battery. In most cases, an electrical component, such as the radio or lights, were left on while the car’s engine was off. A reliable portable battery charger could minimize the hassle and eliminate the need to call for roadside assistance. Black & Decker, Start-Me-Up, Vector, and Jump-N-Carry make some of the most reliable portable battery chargers.

Black & Decker

According to Galt Tech reviews, the Black & Decker Simple Start 12V Battery Booster can easily fit under your seat or in your vehicle’s glove compartment. In the event of a dead battery, plug the charger into your cigarette lighter, and in approximately 10 to 20 minutes, there should be a sufficient charge to start the engine (a light will indicate when the charge is complete). This eliminates the need to pop your vehicle’s hood and mess around with clamps and cables.


The Start-Me-Up2 Portable Emergency Jump Starter works in the same manner as the Black & Decker model, in that you plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to charge the battery. However, according to, the Start-Me-Up2 can provide your battery with a sufficient charge in approximately 5 minutes--significantly faster than the Black & Decker. The Start-Me-Up2 is also equipped with a microchip to prevent power surges, which could potentially damage your car’s electronic systems.


Unlike the above-mentioned models, the Vector VEC012 Portable Jump Start System does not plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, or anywhere for that matter. According to the RV Toy Outlet, this cordless unit is equipped with its own sealed, high-density batteries and features sturdy clamps and cables. To operate, you will need to open your vehicle’s hood and attach the clamps to the battery, just as you would with jumper cables. The VEC012 is rechargeable and shows its charge status via an LED display.


Jump-N-Carry makes a variety of portable auto battery chargers, however one of its most conveniently sized models is the 900 Peak-Amp Ultra-Portable Jump Starter, which weighs less than 10 pounds. Like the Vector model, this charger includes an LED display and sturdy clamps and cables. However, according to a National Tool Warehouse review, the 900 also feature a high-powered flashlight and fully insulated clamp grips.

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