How to Install a Radio in a Buick Park Avenue

by Alibaster Smith

The Buick Park Avenue uses a standard size 1-DIN slot for the radio unit. While the head unit will be quite sufficient for most people, some people prefer to modify the factory settings by upgrading the radio to a newer unit. Increased sound amplification, MP3 capability and Bluetooth are just some of the reasons you may want to upgrade your radio unit. Once the unit is out of the car, you'll need to know how to install the new unit.

Step 1

Plug the antenna cable into the new radio. The antenna plug looks like a female audio/video plug and plugs into the input jack on the back of the new radio marked for the antenna.

Step 2

Connect the electrical wiring from the factory wiring harness. Connect the 6-pin connector from the wiring harness to the back of the new radio unit. There will normally only be one empty 6-pin slot for you to connect the wiring.

Step 3

Slide the radio unit into the dash. The radio unit for the Park Avenue will be a standard 1-DIN size radio unit and will slide right into the opening for the radio. Slide the unit all the way into the dash until it clicks, indicating that it has locked into the dash.

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