How to Install a Radio in a Buick Lesabre

by Alibaster Smith

The radio in a Buick LeSabre is secured to the dash by an automatic locking device. These factory units can be removed using special tools available at most auto parts stores, called "DIN tools." Every year, aftermarket radio manufacturers make new stereos that incorporate the latest technology. The factory radio in your LeSabre, for example, upgraded to a radio with an MP3 player fully integrated into the unit. Once you have the old radio out, you'll need to know how to install the new radio.

Step 1

Connect the antenna. The antenna plug is a large, single, plug that looks like an A/V style plug, except that it is a female plug as opposed to a male plug. Most LeSabres use a polished tip for better connectivity and reception. Insert the antenna plug into the back of the new radio in the jack outlet marked for the antenna.

Step 2

Plug the factory wiring harness into the back of the new radio. The rest of the head unit is controlled by the factory wiring harness. Locate the plug connection on the back of the new radio for the electrical wiring from the factory harness. This will normally be a six-pin connector, but may be a 12-pin connector depending on the year of your LeSabre .

Step 3

Slide the radio into the dash until the unit locks into place. Obviously, the antenna and wiring side of the radio is inserted into the dash. When the unit is fully installed, you should hear a click indicating that the unit is locked into the dash.

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