How to Change the Radio in a Pontiac Wave

by Mark Slingo

The Pontiac Wave has also been known as the Chevrolet Aveo, Pontiac G3 Wave and Suzuki Swift. It comes with a radio offering basic features. If you want the most up-to-date features in your Pontiac Wave then it is necessary to install an aftermarket radio. You will need to disconnect the negative battery terminal for safety and adapt the wiring in the car to allow the new radio to function.

Step 1

Lift the hood and disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.

Step 2

Unclip the radio trim panels on each side of the radio.

Step 3

Remove the four Phillips screws holding the radio in place.

Step 4

Pull the radio out of the dashboard housing. Disconnect the wiring from the rear of the radio. Remove the front mounting tabs from the radio housing.

Step 5

Slide the DIN radio installation cage -- which will house the new radio -- into the vacant radio housing. Bend the locking tabs on the side down to secure the cage. Feed the radio wiring from the dashboard through the cage portal.

Step 6

Attach a wire harness adapter to the dashboard wire harness. Click the connections together. Attach the other end of the wire harness adapter to the wiring on the right side of the rear of the new radio.

Step 7

Plug the thick, black radio antenna cable into the radio antenna port on the left side of the rear of the radio.

Step 8

Slide the connected radio into the housing until it locks into the DIN cage.

Step 9

Replace the radio trim panels. Reconnect the car battery. Close the hood.

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