How to Install a CD Player in a GMC Sonoma

by Jule Pamplin

The GMC Sonoma's factory-installed stereo is purposefully matched with the vehicle's other components to maximize the performance of the audio system. Sonoma owners who desire a more powerful system or wish to include additional speakers, will need to include a more powerful aftermarket head unit. Removal of the factory deck can be performed in minutes and installation of the new CD player requires standard tools and adapters. Purchase the GM stereo-installation kit to bridge the compatibility gaps between the Sonoma's stereo wiring and the outlets of the replacement CD player. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery before removing or installing stereo components.

Removing the Dashboard Panels and Factory Stereo

Step 1

Remove the two bolt screws below the steering wheel and single screw above the instrument panel. Use a 7 mm socket and ratchet to extract the screws.

Step 2

Pull the lower dash panel away from the left side of the dashboard and remove the screw behind the panel with the socket and ratchet.

Step 3

Grab the main dash panel at the top-left corner (driver's side of the Sonoma) and pull it away from the dashboard. Reach behind the panel to unplug the wiring connectors plugged into the back of the wiper-control panel. Work your hands across the top of the panel to detach the panel from the dashboard completely.

Step 4

Remove the two bolt screws holding the stereo into the mounting bracket. Slide the stereo from the dock and unplug the wiring connectors from the outlets on the left side of the radio's rear panel. Unplug the black antenna cable from the outlet labeled "FM ANT."

Installing the New CD Player

Step 1

Place the faceplate adapter into the Sonoma's empty stereo-mounting dock. Screw in the two bolt screws to hold the adapter in place. The faceplate adapter will provide a uniform platform on which the new CD player will be mounted. Pull the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the back of the stereo dock.

Step 2

Plug the two plastic wire binders at the ends of the Sonoma's stereo wiring into the connectors of the wiring-harness adapter.

Step 3

Plug the wiring-harness adapter leads into the outlets on the back of the CD player. Plug the antenna cable into the corresponding outlet on the rear panel of the new unit.

Step 4

Slide the CD player into the faceplate adapter inside the GMC's stereo dock. Push the player in until it locks into place.

Step 5

Replace the main dash panel against the dashboard. Plug the electrical wiring connectors into the wiper-control panel.

Step 6

Press around the perimeter of the dash panel to reconnect it to the dashboard. Replace the two screws beneath the steering wheel and the single screw above the instrument panel.

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