How to Install a CD Player in a Crown Victoria

by Travis Corkery

As CD player installs go, the Crown Victoria is one of the easiest. Depending on the year and options, some extra parts may be required. These parts may be purchased from any car stereo shop.

Step 1

Locate the radio removal holes on the face of the factory stereo. There will be four holes, two on each side. Place the pointed ends of the Ford radio removal tools into the holes, pull them apart slightly, and pull the radio from its hole.

Step 2

Solder the wire harness from the CD player to be installed to the aftermarket radio replacement harness. Seal the soldered connections with heat shrink or black electrical tape.

Step 3

Place the metal cage provided with the aftermarket stereo in the dash. Use a pick tool to secure it by bending the locking metal tabs on the cage into place. In models that require a dash kit, place the cage into the dash kit and bend the metal tabs into place with a pick tool. Slide the dash kit into the factory radio opening until a click is heard.

Step 4

Connect the aftermarket harness to the factory harness. It should click in with ease. Plug the other end of the harness into the back of the radio. Plug the factory antenna wire into the back of the radio.

Step 5

Slide the new radio into its cage until it clicks into place. Test the new radio to insure proper operation.

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