How to Install a CD Player in a Chevy Cavalier

by Steve Smith

You've decided you want to change out the factory stereo that came in your Chevy Cavalier. The Chevy Cavalier, like many Chevy vehicles, comes with a factory stereo that is set inside a unit much larger than most car CD players. This needs to be removed to install an after-market CD player with a kit that fits the remaining space. It might seem intimidating, but it is a task you can do.

Step 1

Purchase a CD player with a kit that fits the Chevy Cavalier make and model you own.

Step 2

Install the kit for the Chevy Cavalier. Most kits will attach to the screw mounts inside the dash that held the original stereo components.

Step 3

Attach the stereo wires to the connections in the dash following your wire diagram. The red connectors attach to red and yellow to yellow in most models.

Step 4

Attach the power and ground to the back of the CD player. The power is the red cable and the black is the ground.

Step 5

Slide the CD player into the mounts on the kit. It will fit inside grooves along the inside of the track and lock into place.

Replace the dashboard cover attaching the inside screws using a Phillips head screwdriver and ratchet.

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