How to Install a Stereo in a Chevy Silverado

by Editorial Team

The Chevy Silverado has been a popular work truck for generations but more recently has found a place in the more casual driver's garage. Upgrading the stereo system in the Chevy Silverado requires removing the front of the dash and a few basic tools. Swapping out the old stereo for a new head unit gives you better sound and upgraded features.

Step 1

Place your hands in the upper right corner of the dash, above the steering wheel, and firmly pull the panel until the clips begin to disengage. Continue pulling until you gain access to the light switch mechanism and pop it free of the dash with your fingers.

Step 2

Pull the upper right corner of the panel until the remaining clips are free and look for a wire attached to the right side. Not all Chevy Silverado trucks include this wire; if yours does, disconnect and remove the panel from the truck.

Step 3

Move the levers on each side of the radio to the down position and pull the stereo assembly out of the dash. Unplug the wires behind the radio and let the wires hang from the opening in the dash.

Step 4

Connect the wiring harness adaptor and GM antenna adaptor to the original wires. Slide the new stereo into the GM mounting adaptor and connect the harness and antenna to the back of the radio.

Step 5

Set the stereo mounting assembly into the dash and lift the levers on each side to the locked position. Turn the radio on and verify the controls and speakers are working properly. Reconnect the wires to the back of the dash panel and pop it into place.

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