How to Install a Stereo in a Chevy S10 Pickup

by Jule Pamplin
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Chevy S-10 owners who choose to upgrade their factory stereo head unit have plenty of aftermarket stereo units from which to choose. Once you have selected and purchased your new stereo deck, purchase the necessary adapters for the new unit. You can choose to have the stereo installed by a professional or install it yourself to save time and money.

Step 1

Pull the hood release lever under the driver's-side dashboard. Move to the front of the truck and lift the hood. Loosen the negative battery cable clamp with the 10 mm socket wrench. Remove the cable from the battery terminal and set it aside. Return to the inside of the S-10.

Step 2

Remove the two screw bolts on either side of the steering column with the 7 mm socket and ratchet. Remove the screw bolt at the top of the driver's instrument panel. Pull the lower dash panel away from the left side of the dashboard. Remove the screw behind the panel. Grab the right side of the dash panel and pull it away from the S-10's dashboard. Work your hands around the perimeter of the panel to separate it completely from the dash. Set the panel aside.

Step 3

Remove the two screw bolts at either side of the factory radio with the socket and ratchet. Slide the stock stereo deck from the dashboard stereo dock. Disconnect the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the back of the unit. Set the factory stereo aside.

Step 4

Slide the GM aftermarket stereo faceplate adapter into the vacant stereo mounting dock. Feed the stereo wiring and antenna cable through the back of the adapter. Plug the stereo wiring connectors onto the wiring harness adapter leads. Plug the antenna cable into the GM antenna adapter cable.

Step 5

Plug the wiring harness adapter lead connectors into the signal inputs on the rear panel of the new stereo. Insert the GM antenna cable lead into the FM/AM antenna input on the back of the aftermarket stereo.

Step 6

Slide the stereo into the faceplate adapter. Push the unit into the dash until it snaps into place. Align the displaced dash panel against the dashboard. Press firmly around the edges of the panel to snap it back into place.

Step 7

Replace the screw bolts on the sides of the steering column and above the driver's instrument panel with the socket and ratchet. Return to the Chevy's battery.

Step 8

Replace the grounding cable's clamp onto the negative battery terminal. Tighten the cable's clamp with the wrench. Close the hood.

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