How to Install Ridgeline AUX Port

by Jule Pamplin

Creating an auxiliary port in your Honda Ridgeline can be accomplished two ways. You can employ an FM transmitter to connect any external stereo components to your Honda's factory stereo. The FM transmitter relies on the radio signals and is therefore an unreliable choice of the two methods. The FM modulator provides a much more stable connection as it is connected directly to the head unit to provide a stronger signal transfer. You can connect the FM modulator in 30 minutes with no previous car audio experience.

Step 1

Raise the Ridgeline's hood and loosen the bolt holding the negative battery cable clamp to the negative battery terminal with a 10-mm wrench. Remove the cable from the battery and set it aside. Move to the inside of the truck's cabin.

Step 2

Pry the entire main dashboard panel from the Honda's dashboard with a trim panel removal tool. Work the tool around the perimeter of the panel until it is completely detached. Set the panel aside.

Step 3

Remove the two screws on the left side of the stereo deck and three screws on the right side with a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the factory stereo from the stereo mounting dock and disconnect the stereo wiring connectors from the back of the unit.

Step 4

Plug the Honda's plastic stereo wiring connectors into the wiring harness adapter leads. Plug the wiring harness adapter lead connectors into the outlets on the rear panel of the Honda's stereo deck.

Step 5

Connect the wiring connectors on the FM modulator to the appropriately marked auxiliary leads of the wiring harness adapter. See the adapter's manual for guidance if the leads are not clearly labeled to show where the proper connections are to be made.

Step 6

Feed the FM modulator's input lead into the storage compartment below the factory stereo deck. Place the FM modulator's main box in the back of the stereo mounting dock. Slide the stereo back into the dashboard dock and replace the 5 screws with the screwdriver.

Step 7

Align the Honda's main dashboard panel with the dashboard and press around the perimeter to snap it back into place. Return to the engine compartment.

Step 8

Place the negative battery cable clamp onto the Ridgeline's negative battery terminal post. Tighten the bolt on the clamp with the wrench and close the hood.

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