How to Remove a Honda CR-V Radio

by Robert Moore

It might look like an all-day job to remove the radio or navigation unit in your 2014 Honda CR-V, but that couldn't be further from the truth. After removing a couple of vents, you have access to the mounting screws that secure the radio to the dashboard. If you’re replacing the unit, you need to remove the hazard warning switch and transfer it to the new unit.


Step 1

If you’re not replacing the unit, turn on the ignition and eject any discs in the CD changer. Connect a memory saver unit to your CR-V according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Open the hood. Loosen the negative battery cable terminal, using a battery wrench. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.

Step 2

Find the five hidden retainers that hold each vent to the dashboard -- one in each upper corner, one on each side and one at the lower point. Pry between the vent and the dash at the aforementioned points to disengage the retainers. Remove the vents from the dashboard.

Step 3

Remove the two bolts that secure the radio and bracket assembly to the dashboard. Pull the unit out slowly, then disconnect the wiring harnesses from the rear of the radio. If you have the factory navigation system, disconnect the radio antenna wire from the FM distributor. On base models, disconnect the antenna wire from the unit. Remove the unit and bracket assembly from the unit.

Step 4

If you’re replacing the unit, remove the screws that secure the hazard warning switch to the unit, then remove the switch. If you have factory navigation, remove the two bolts that secure the FM distributor to the unit and remove it. Remove the bolts that secure the brackets to the unit, then remove the brackets.


Step 1

Install the FM distributor to the bottom of the unit and snug the bolts, if you have factory navigation. Install the hazard warning switch and snug the screws. Install the brackets on each side of the radio unit, then snug the bolts.

Step 2

Connect the wiring harnesses to the unit, then connect the antenna wire. If you have factory navigation, connect the antenna wire to the FM distributor. Guide the radio into position inside the dash and snug the mounting bolts.

Step 3

Align the retainer clips on the rear of each vent with the holes in the dashboard, then press fit the vents into position. Connect the negative battery cable and snug the terminal bolt. Shut the hood. Disconnect the memory saver unit.

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