How to Reset a Honda Radio Code

by Robert C. Young
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Honda radios require that you input a code to reset the radio whenever its electrical supply is cut. This acts as a deterrent to thieves who steal and attempt to sell car radios, but it is an inconvenience, as any Honda owner who has ever had a dead battery can attest. Fortunately, resetting the code is a simple process that requires no mechanical ability. Do not even think about paying a dealer to reset your code for you.

Step 1

Turn on the engine and radio.

Step 2

Pull out the change tray located in the dash, to the left of the steering wheel. Locate the five-digit code taped underneath the tray.

Step 3

Press the numbered buttons on the radio in the order in which they appear on the tape. For example, if the code is 43825, press 4, then 3, then 8, then 2, then 5. You can now set your radio stations.

Step 4

Visit Honda's radio and navigation code retrieval website (see Resources) and enter your VIN, phone number, zip code and radio serial number to get your code, if you do not have your change tray or if the code has been removed.

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