How to Charge the Black & Decker BB7B Simple Start

by Kallie Johnson
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The Black & Decker BB78 Simple Start is a portable device that can boost or jump a drained automobile or boat battery. The unit uses a rechargeable battery for power. The battery should be recharged after each use or at least once every six months to ensure it has enough power to jump a battery when needed. Black & Decker recommends only using the supplied charging adapter to recharge the unit.

Step 1

Press the "On/Off" button to turn the unit on.

Step 2

Plug the AC charging adapter's barrel tip into the DC charging port on the top of the Black & Decker BB7B Simple Start unit.

Step 3

Plug the opposite end of the AC charging adapter into an electrical outlet.

Step 4

Push the "Recharge Unit" button. The unit will then beep and the battery status LED indicator light will blink green, indicating the unit is charging.

Unplug the AC charging adapter from the electrical outlet and the Simple Start unit when the battery status indicator light displays a solid green light, indicating the unit is fully charged. If the unit is fully drained, the unit can take up to 24 hours to recharge.

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