How to Charge an Instant Power Battery XP-400

by C. Taylor

If you've ever been stuck in an isolated location with a dead car battery, you know how disheartening it can be. Without another car to give you a jump start, you're stranded. That was before the Schumacher Instant Power XP400. Providing 400 peak amps and 116 cold cranking amps, this portable jump starter can have you back on the road in minutes. However, before carrying it with you on a trip, you must first charge the unit.


Locate the charger plug on the back of the Schumacher Instant Power XP400 and rotate it upward.


Plug the female end of the extension cord into the charger plug.


Plug the male end of the extension cord into a standard 120V outlet. A red LED light illuminates, which informs you the unit is charging.


Unplug the XP400 after the LED light turns green, which indicates charging is complete. It may take up to 72 hours to charge the internal battery.


  • Do not unplug the jump starter until the unit is fully charged, as indicated by the green LED light.
  • Never use the Instant Power unit while it is charging.

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