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How to Replace the Battery in a Compustar Remote

by Kallie Johnson

Compustar remotes, which enable and disable Compustar car alarms, are powered by coin cell batteries. When the remote begins to die, the battery should be replaced. In order to replace the battery, you must open up the remote to remove the old internal battery. After the new battery is inserted, the remote is ready to be used. There is no need to reprogram the remote.

Step 1

Use an electrical or eyeglass Phillips head screwdriver to remove the tiny Phillips screw on the backside of the Compustar remote.

Step 2

Pull the back half of the remote away from the top half, being careful not to damage the circuit board housed in the unit.

Step 3

Lift the battery out of the housing unit, located in the back half of the remote.

Step 4

Replace the battery by sliding a new battery into the housing unit. The size of the battery varies, based on the Compustar remote model number. If you are unsure about the size, the size will be listed on the old battery.

Snap the back half of the remote into the front half, again being careful not to damage the circuit board housed in the unit. Put the screw back in place so the remote is held together.

Items you will need

  • Replacement battery

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