How to Change the Battery on a Yamaha VStar 650

by Samuel Hamilton

Replacing the battery on your motorcycle is an essential maintenance procedure you need to complete every one or two years. Most motorcycle manufacturers position their batteries underneath the seat, making accessing and replacing the battery a somewhat tricky procedure. Yamaha VStar 650s, however, created a specially designed battery compartment that can be accessed without removing any component of the bike. Changing the battery on your Yamaha VStar 650 requires you to locate and work with this compartment.

Step 1

Locate the battery compartment on the left side of your VStar. The compartment’s lid is flush with the surrounding mechanics, so it is easiest to identify by looking for a small square-shaped compartment lid with a small hexagonal hole on the lower left side of the lid.

Step 2

Unscrew the bolt holding the battery compartment lid in place with an appropriately sized Allen wrench key and remove the lid.

Step 3

Remove the plastic part holding the battery in place by pulling or prying the rubber strap attaching the bottom piece to the interior of the battery compartment.

Step 4

Pull the battery from the compartment, being careful not to accidentally yank the wires connected to the terminal connection points prematurely.

Step 5

Disconnect the negative — black — wire attached to the negative terminal connection point and then disconnect the positive — red — wire attached to the positive terminal connection point.

Step 6

Connect the positive wire to the positive terminal connection point of your new battery and then connect the negative wire to the negative terminal connection point.

Step 7

Insert and secure the new battery in the battery compartment with the plastic piece attached to the interior of the battery compartment.

Step 8

Replace and reattach the lid of the battery compartment, using your Allen key wrench.

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