How to Change the Battery in Duramax Diesel Engines

by Kahlea Pendleton
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The Duramax is a diesel engine for trucks made by General Motors. Removing and installing the battery is pretty much the same as in all vehicles. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn on your engine, have cracks on the battery's casing or your lights are dim when turned on, it might be a sign that you need a new battery. Before replacing the battery in your truck, make sure that the model is compatible with your vehicle.

Step 1

Turn off the engine. Open the hood and find the battery.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery cable before disconnecting the positive cable. The negative cable has a negative sign (-) or is black. Loosen the bolt holding the negative cable clamp to the negative terminal with a wrench or socket ratchet tool. Use your hand or a screwdriver to pull up on the end of the cable. Then, disconnect the positive ("+") or red cable the same way.

Step 3

Remove any extra clamps or bars that hold the battery in place with your combination wrench or socket ratchet tool. Use both hands to grab the battery from the bottom of its tray. Clean any buildup from the battery tray, clamps and holders with a wire brush and battery cleaning solution and allow them to dry.

Step 4

Place the new battery in the battery's tray and secure it with the clamp or bar. Reconnect the positive cable first and the negative cable last. Reassemble all bolts and make sure that they are tightened well. Close your hood. Start your engine to make sure that the battery is working properly.

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