How to Replace a Cadillac Key Fob Battery

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills
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The remote keyless-entry system on a Cadillac uses a battery to power the transmitter. You see warning on the Driver Information Center (DIC), located on the dash in front of the steering wheel, that indicates that the battery is low and requires changing. If the battery is low, the transmitter won't work and you may find yourself locked out of the vehicle. You should promptly change the battery when first observing the warning on the DIC. Don't touch any wiring underneath the battery inside the transmitter when changing the battery: Static electricity from your body might damage the transmitter.

Step 1

Turn your transmitter over. Gently pry the back up with your small flathead screwdriver to separate the transmitter. You should see a small notch located along the side of the transmitter. Locate the notch and insert the screwdriver; gently lift up the back to completely remove.

Step 2

Remove the battery with your fingers by gripping each side and pulling up. Don't use the screwdriver or any other metal object — doing so could result in damage to the transmitter.

Step 3

Put in your new battery. Make sure the positive side is facing you when you drop the battery into the slot. Snap the transmitter back together to complete the task.

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