How to Change the Battery in a 2003 Honda Civic

by Robert Good

The battery on the 2003 Honda Civic is on the driver's side toward the front of the engine compartment. The battery is secured to the engine compartment by a plastic mount on the back of the battery. The mount is held in place in the engine compartment by a single bolt and nut. The mount will slide off of the bolt once you have removed the nut from the top of the bolt. The nut can be removed by twisting it off with your hand.

Step 1

Open the Honda Civic's hood and locate the battery. Use the appropriate-sized screwdriver to remove the securing mounts holding the battery cables in place on the battery.

Step 2

Twist the securing nut in a counterclockwise motion to remove it from the mounting bolt. Slide the mount off of the bolt.

Step 3

Lift up on the handle connected to the battery and pull the battery out of the engine compartment.

Step 4

Insert the new battery in the same place and position as the old battery. Slide the mount onto the mounting bolt. Twist the securing nut in a clockwise motion until the nut is tightly secured to the mounting bolt.

Step 5

Reconnect the battery cables to the corresponding connections and tighten the cables with the screwdriver.

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