How to Replace the Keyless Entry Remote Battery in a Buick

by Tara Kimball

If the keyless entry remote for your Buick is not working as well as it has in the past or is no longer working at all, it may need a new battery. The Buick remotes use a CR2032 battery available at auto parts retailers and Buick dealerships. Replace the battery in minutes and regain full function of your Buick's power locks and keyless entry system.

Step 1

Insert a dime or other thin object into the slot on the side of the Buick's keyless entry remote. Twist the dime to pry the remote open, separating the two sides.

Step 2

Lift the old battery out by hand. Insert the new battery in the same alignment as the one you removed. Position the battery with the positive side facing up.

Step 3

Position the cover over the remote and press the two sides together by hand until they snap into place. Test the remote to be sure the new battery functions properly.

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