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How to Replace a Battery in a Honda Key

by Stephanie Busby Davis

Remote entry systems are safe, convenient and now come standard on most newer Honda vehicles. The Honda key fobs generally include lock, unlock and panic features. Over time, you will need to replace the battery inside the key fob. This is a simple task which can be completed in just a few short steps.

Separate the two halves of your key fob with the flathead screwdriver. Exert gentle pressure so as not to damage the fob.

Remove the old battery. Try not to touch the battery terminals with your fingers. The presence of bodily oil on the terminals can shorten their lifespan.

Place the new battery into the open position. The inside of the fob will include instructions for the correct position.

Reconnect the two halves of the fob by aligning them properly and gently pressing them together until you hear the fob snap.

Test the remote entry system to ensure that it works properly.


  • Always consult your Honda's owner's manual when performing maintenance on your vehicle.

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