How to Paint Chrome Wheels Black

by Daniel Alden
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Chrome is a type of metallic plating or paint that is frequently used on automobiles and motorcycles. It is shiny and reflective -- a look that some people dislike and so try to change by painting over it. But unless the correct process is followed, the paint will peel and chip off. With some time and effort, chrome can be painted over with quality results.

Step 1

Clean the chrome portion of the wheel with the soap and water mixture.

Step 2

Apply the wax and grease remover to the chrome.

Step 3

Sand away all of the chrome with the 80-grit sandpaper.

Step 4

Apply a layer of self-etching primer to the surface. Sand, if necessary, or apply a coat of surface primer.

Step 5

Clean the surface with the wax and grease remover.

Step 6

Apply two coats of black acrylic latex (emulsion) paint with the finish of your choice, allowing at least 2 hours to dry between coats. This type of paint is chip- and crack-resistant, so no topcoat is necessary.

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