How to Replace Headlight Relay Dodge RAM

by Gregory Crews
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The Dodge Ram truck uses a headlight relay which works similar to a fuse. The relay allows the required amount of current to flow through and power the headlight. In the event that a surge sends too much electricity to the switch, the relay will absorb the surge and disable itself. Once this happens, there is no electric power to the headlight switch and you will need to replace the relay.

Step 1

Open the hood to access the fuse panel behind the battery. The battery and fuse panel are located on the front, driver's side of the truck.

Step 2

Open the fuse panel to access the headlight relay. The diagram in the fuse panel will show its position.

Step 3

Pull the fuse relay out by hand. Remember where the relay was plugged in.

Step 4

Push the new relay into the fuse panel until it stops. This will complete the circuit to provide electrical power to the headlights.

Step 5

Turn on the headlights to ensure the headlights are functioning.

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