How to Put a Third Row Seat Into An Audi Allroad

by Harvey Birdman

The Audi Allroad is an A6 Avant -- marketing speak for station wagon -- with raised suspension and skid plates. This allows for the the Allroad to be used on off-road trails, or over gravel paths without having to worry about under carriage damage. The Audi Allroad has a optional third row seats, to sit two additional people in the rear. These seats are designed to be installed by the Audi's owner, so they can switch between carrying cargo and people.

Step 1

Drive the Audi Allroad somewhere where there is ample room in the rear to load the seats, and enough room for the trunk lid to open fully. Place the Audi in "Park" and pull the parking brake to keep it in place.

Step 2

Turn the Allroad off and go to the rear. Open the trunk lid and extend it fully. Remove any items you have in the rear of the Audi. Fold the back seats down for additional maneuvering room, by pulling up the latches on either side of the rear seat, and then pushing the seat backs down.

Step 3

Lift the third row bench seat up and slide it into the rear of the Audi with the seats facing the rear. If the third row bench is too heavy for you, then have an assistant help you. Align the bolt holes on the bottom runners with the four bolt holes in the floor. A flashlight can be very helpful.

Step 4

Drop a bolt into each bolt hole and rotate them down by hand. Once all the bolts are in place, wrench the bolts down, until they are flush with the bolt holes. Push on the seat to make sure it does not budge under pressure.

Step 5

Close the rear of the Audi, fold the rear seats back up, and turn the car on. Take the Audi for a test drive and listen for any creaks in the third row that would indicate looseness. Have the assistant ride in the third row to check this as well.

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