How to Put a Bench Seat in a Cargo Van

by Gregory Crews

A cargo van is often purchased with the intent of hauling materials from one place to another while providing cover to protect the materials from the elements. Adding a bench seat to the cargo van is straightforward. There is no carpet to drill through, and there are few obstructions to adding a seat. The seat can also be removed quickly in case the extra room is needed for additional space.

Step 1

Park the van on a flat and level surface. Open the side door to lift the bench seat in place.

Step 2

Place the bench seat in the desired location in the van. Mark the holes at the bottom of the seat with a black marker, where the bolt will need to be pushed through. Mark all four corners.

Step 3

Push the seat out of the way. Drill holes in the four marked spots. The drill bit should be one size smaller than the bolt being used to secure the seat.

Step 4

Place the seat back in the desired area. Ensure the bolt holes on the seat match up to the holes in the floorboard.

Step 5

Place a washer on to the bolts. The washer will help to prevent the bolt from working its way through the floorboard over time. The washer also serves as a lock to prevent the bolt from backing off.

Step 6

Use a socket wrench to secure the four bolts to the floorboard. Crawl under the van and locate the four bolts.

Step 7

Place a washer on the bottom end of the bolts and follow with a nut. Tighten each nut by hand as much as possible.

Step 8

Have an assistant hold the top of the bolt with a wrench. Tighten each bolt with a socket wrench. Ensure all bolts are tight.

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