Which Automobiles Have Bench Seats?

by George ReeceUpdated June 08, 2023
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Front bench seats are in decline. Bucket seats are the norm in modern times, except for trucks, RVs and campers. There are still, however, some cars that feature bench seating at least as an option. These models allow the user to transport six or more people in relative comfort, without need of an SUV or van.

Buick Lucerne

The Lucerne replaced Buick’s LeSabre in 2006 as the company’s full-size offering. Allowing the customer to opt for front bench seating, the Lucerne can seat up to six. The bench seats are an option with the 3.9 litre V6 engine. They are not available with the 4.6 litre V8. The Lucerne has impressive legroom–over 40 inches in both front and rear seats. Prices in 2010 start at $29,230.

Mercury Grand Marquis

Front split bench seating comes as standard on Mercury’s Grand Marquis, allowing six to be carried at one time. Other standard features include air conditioning, cruise control, a trip computer and a V8 engine offering 224bhp. Unlike the Lucerne, the Grand Marquis is rear wheel drive, which means a more dynamic driving experience. According to MSN Autos, the Grand Marquis is “the best-selling Mercury ever with more than 2.7 million sold between 1975 and 2003.” MSRP for the standard model is $29,270 as of 2010.

Lincoln Town Car

A more luxurious option is Lincoln’s Town Car. With leather steering wheel, adjustable foot pedals and genuine wood trim all as standard, 2010 prices start at $46,385. The front bench seat means seating for six, and in the longer wheel base “signature L” model, 45.4 inches of leg room is in the back. The Town Car has a spacious trunk with over 20 cubic feet of loading space. Lincoln gave the car an overhaul in 2003. The exterior styling was made sharper and more business-like, and the chassis was redesigned for better handling and ride comfort.

Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria was discontinued in 2007, but a good secondhand model can be found for around $14,000 in 2010. Seating six with front bench seats, the Crown Victoria has been used as a police squad car, and for taxi fleets in New York. It comes with a 4.6 litre V8 with either 224 or 239bhp. The car has good safety ratings, and is well equipped inside. First introduced in 1979, the Crown Victoria is a sturdy and reliable choice for someone seeking bench seats.

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