What Is Difference Between Town Car Signature & Signature Limited?

by Larry LaVigne
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The Town Car -- classified as a full-size, luxury sedan -- has been sold by Ford's upscale brand, since 1981. Though sold with with several trim packages over the years, it's never strayed from its standard V8 engine, large body-on-frame design, rear-wheel drive and plush interior.

Ever-Changing Models

From 1981 to 2003, the mid-level Town Car Signature Series was the most popular trim. The trim levels were reclassified in 2004, and the Signature Series was a designation of the basic trim level and the “Ultimate” badge signified the mid-level trim. Ford dropped the Ultimate trim in 2005, and all models became a version of Signature -- the basic model was called Signature, the mid-level was called Signature Limited, and the top-of-line model was called Signature L.

Signature Limited vs. Signature L

The most noticeable difference between the 2011 Signature Limited and Signature L is the price: the former being more expensive than the latter. The Signature L also has an extended wheelbase (an extra 6 inches in width and in length and .10 inches increase in the vehicle's height), creating more space for rear seat passengers. The Signature L also boasts a Rear Seat Amenities package, which includes rear seat heaters.

Town Car Future

In 2008, the Town Car's manufacturing was relocated to St. Thomas Assembly in Canada, combining its production with the Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victoria. It appears that the Town Car is facing an inevitable phasing out of Lincoln's lineup, as the Ford Crown Victoria the Mercury Grand Marquis have been discontinued.

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